Woodsplitters HWS-Series

Woodsplitters HWS-Series


Part of the Hydraram Woodline range is the HWS-Series (Hydraram Wood Splitter).

Every Hydraram HWS-woodsplitter is an advanced piece of equipment designed for the size reduction of large logs of wood in order to optimize their transport, the subsequent processing steps (like chipping, shredding and much more) and speed up the natural internal drying effect.

With our hydraulic wood splitter, all you need is an excavator on-site so there is no need to set up any additional equipment. The drying process of felled timber can start as soon as you cut it and stack it for transport!
Reducing the diameter of wood logs has never been easier. The specialized design of the wood splitter features narrow blades followed by rolls which reduce the amount of power needed to drive the blades directly into the center of the trunk.

There are 5 models available, from 280 up to 2620 kgs, for carriers from 3 to 30 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HWS-Series – Specifications (t.)

HWS-200R HWS-450R HWS-750R HWS-1100R HWS-1700R
3-5 6-8 9-13 14-21 22-30


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