Rotating screening buckets HSB-Series

Rotating screening buckets HSB-Series


The Hydraram screening buckets are specially designed to quickly and effectively screen material. 

The HSB screening buckets are ideal for sorting natural material in the best way manageable.
They can be used for many applications: primary sorting of waste and demolition materials, screening of backfill for excavations and materials for rocky terrain rehabilitation; gravel sorting in streams and beach cleaning. Indispensable in all circumstances where finer material must be obtained or where materials of different thicknesses have to be sorted.

The screening buckets trays are made from the most durable HARDOX-400® steel with an extremely high wear resistance, minimum maintenance and a long lifespan.

More benefits of the HSB-Series screening buckets:

✔️ Screening directly on the jobsite.
✔️ Reduces transportation and landfill costs, so less sand in the rubble.
✔️ It’s convenient and easy to use and works quickly.
✔️ Suitable for large and small construction sites.
✔️ Ensures that you can recycle and conserve.
✔️ The mesh size of the screen is easily adjusted by changing screen panels.

These screening buckets are connected to the hydraulic hammer lines of the excavator.

There are 9 models available for machines from 1,5 to 55 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HSB-Series – Specifications (t.)

HSB-200 HSB-300 HSB-400 HSB-700 HSB-1400 HSB-1600 HSB-1900 HSB-2600 HSB-4900
1.5/2.5 3-5 5-8 8-12 13-16 17-21 22-30 31-40 41-55


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