Rail Cropper HRC-Series

Rail Cropper HRC-Series


The latest development in the Hydraram product range is the Rail Cropper HRC-Series.

The HRC-series hydraulic shear is used to efficiently cut tram, metro and railway tracks.

This tool can adjust to your needs, since it can be mounted on a ‘normal’ boom and a dipper boom. The whole attachment rotates 360°, making sure every cut is made with utmost precision!

It is equipped with a special Heavy Duty rotor that guarantees high reliability and durability, allowing easy positioning and accuracy.

There are 3 models available from 2100 to 4050kg, for carriers from 15~52 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HRC-Series – Specifications (t.)

15-22 22-34 34-52

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