Multiprocessors MK-Series

Multiprocessors MK-Series


The Hydraram MK multiprocessors, for professional demolition work!

The versatile Hydraram multiprocessors are designed for the toughest operating conditions and fit into countless vehicles of 6 – 100 tonnes of operating weight. Built of wear-resistant Hardox-400® steel, the MK series offers a long service life with minimal maintenance. With this robust tool, demolition and recycling work of all kinds can be carried out without changing the attaching unit. For an extremely fast working cycle, each multiprocessor is equipped with a rapid flow valve.

Various jaws can be mounted in this multiprocessor. It is possible to change the hydraulic dentures within 5 minutes on the construction site. The teeth and knives are replaceable and easy to replace.

There are 6 different jaws available:

✔️ Pulverizer jaw
✔️ Steel jaw
✔️ Combi jaw
✔️ Tankshear jaw
✔️ Demolition jaw
✔️ Universal jaw

They reduce the required number of excavators and attachments on site. With 9 models and 6 available jaw sets, Hydraram multiprocessors can perform all functions in demolition, scrap and recycling.

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MK-Series – Specifications (t.)

MK-7 MK-10 MK-13 MK-15 MK-20 MK-25 MK-35 MK-50 MK-70
6-14 9-18 15-20 18-25 25-35 35-45 45-60 55-78 75-100

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