Powerbooster HRP-Series

Powerbooster HRP-Series


Our Powerbooster HFP-Series is a range of demolition equipment with the power multiplier device Powerbooster. It’s the result of months invested in research and development, bench test, hundreds of hours of testing on site. A concentrate of pure technology and power.

How does it work?

Demolishing the material, if the pressure of the excavator is no longer enough to crack the material, automatically the Powerbooster comes into play boosting the pressure of the operating machine up to a cylinder peak pressure of 750 bar.

What is the Powerbooster?

It is an integrated hydraulic device that allows you to multiply the power (i.e. the hydraulic pressure provided by the excavator).

What are the advantages?

Lower operating pressure and lower flow lead to:

✔️ fuel consumption reduced by 20%
✔️ lower environmental impact
✔️ reduced cycle time, opening/closing in 3.5 seconds
✔️ reduction in overall weight equipment
✔️ increase power performance by 25%

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HRP-Series – Specifications (t.)

16-21 22-28 29-35 36-50


HRP Powerbooster Brochure EN