Pilecracker HPC-Series

Pilecracker HPC-Series


Hydraram pile crackers can be used for demolition of square and round foundation piles. Building work requires piling for the construction of any modern building.

These hydraulic post breakers are ideal for removing foundation piles. Hydraram developed the stake crackers as dismantling with hand hammers was very time-consuming.

The piles remain 1 to 2 meters above ground level and need to be removed, while the rebar remains in place. Pulverizers usually cannot handle the diameter of piles and damage the reinforcement in the process, so a pile cracker tool is necessary for safe and easy pile removal. In addition, the job site may not always have the right carrier to utilize a pulverizer.

Our pilecrackers are the simple, cost-effective solution for precise and quick crushing of these foundation piles.

Additional advantages of the Hydraram HPC pile crackers are:

✔️ Low noise pollution and as little vibration as possible.
✔️ There is hardly any damage to the remaining pile remains.

There are 5 HPC models from 1200 to 2050kg for carriers from 13 to 30 tons.

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HPC-Series – Specifications (t.)

HPC-350 HPC-500 HPC-600 HPC-700 HPC-900
13-24 16-26 16-26 18-30 18-30

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