Hydraulic magnets HMG-Series

Hydraulic magnets HMG-Series


The Hydraram hydraulic magnet systems can be mounted on the excavator. Our HMG magnets work on the hammerlines of your excavator, so no generator is needed. Plug and play for your excavator!

HMG hydraulic magnets feature teeth to make sifting through rocks and rubble easier, helping you locate any leftover metal scraps and reinforcement steel with ease. Once a large quantity of metals has accumulated it is easy to transfer all of it to any chosen location. Using a hydraulic magnet ensures that the job site is kept up to safety and environmental standards.

Quick ejection control lets you precisely unload your magnet when you need to.

The HMG-T series models can increase your duty cycles by up to 55%.

There are 12 models from 780 to 3000 kg for carriers from 10 to 60 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HMG-Series – Specifications (t.)

HMG-850 HMG-950 HMG-1100 HMG-1150 HMG-1300 HMG-1500 HMG-T850 HMG-T950 HMG-T1100 HMG-T1150 HMG-T1300 HMG-T1500
10-16 14-20 18-28 20-30 26-38 30-60 10-16 14-20 18-28 20-30 26-38 34-60

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