Battery magnets HBG-Series

Battery magnets HBG-Series


Hydraram electromagnets HBG-series are intended for sorting through demolition scrap to ensure work site safety.

The bottom closure panels are made with special wear-resistant manganese steel. These magnets work on the battery of the carrier.

Windings are covered with a special high-temperature resistant resin, which isolates the magnetizing coil from the high magnetic permeability steel structure.

Main features go the HBG-series battery magnets:

✔️ Carrier’s battery is used to operate these magnets!
✔️ No electric generator is necessary on the carrier
✔️ Widely used at scrapyards and very useful to demolition companies
✔️ Model series power ranges from 0,5 up to 2,0 kW

3 Models battery magnets from 280 to 650 kgs for carriers from 4 ~ 14 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HBG-Series – Specifications (t.)

HBG-65 HBG-80 HBG-92
4-5 6-8 10-14


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