Hydraulic vacuum cleaner HS-Series

Hydraulic vacuum cleaner HS-Series


Keep your demolition and recycling worksite clean of insulation, polystyrene, plastic etc. with Hydrasauger 5000, vacuum cleaner for excavators!

The Hydrasauger 5000 is a vacuum cleaner which works on the hydraulic circuit of the excavator. It has been invented to collect insulation material from work sites.

It is dangerous and highly costly to have people walking around demolition machines and picking up insulation that may delay key operations or be blown away by the wind.

The collector basket is equipped with an outer steel mesh and an easily replaceable filter inside. The bottom hatch opens hydraulically to empty the basket with ease. It is equipped with a standard flow protector valve.

The heavy-duty frame is equipped with digging teeth on one side and a cutting edge on the other, to stir the rubble and cut bigger pieces, so they can easily be sucked into the shredder wheel.

The heavy-duty shredder wheel is hydraulically driven and shreds materials such as Rockwool, polystyrene, smaller wooden pieces, plastic etc. into a granulate, and blows it into the collector basket.

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