Sorting Grabs HDG-Series

Sorting Grabs HDG-Series


The Hydraram HDG-Series Demolition & Sorting Grab, a comprehensive range of 27 models weighing from 100 to 14,200 kg, can be mounted on excavators from 0.7 to 240 tons. Every version is also available without a turntable, specifically for tiltrotators!

Because of its low operating weight and compact dimensions, these HDG-grabs are suitable for a variety of tasks.

All HDG demolition and sorting grabs are equipped with an oversized slewing ring. This feature makes all of our HDG models extremely good for the heaviest applications, especially heavy demolition work.

All models from HDG-88R and up are standardly equipped with two rotary motors. A big advantage of this is a much better distribution of power on the slewing ring. All models from HDG-820R and up are equipped with 4 rotary motors!

The grabs are very maneuverable thanks to the 360° hydraulic rotation, making them applicable in a wide range of sorting and scrapping operations.

The HDG demolition and sorting grabs are equipped with end dampening cylinders, which cause the shells to close more softly. This dampens the shock caused by the collision of the two shells, reducing the impact it can have on the frame of the grabs and the excavator.

All models from HDG-110R and up are equipped with two cylinders. This improves the distribution of force over the shells, making them close synchronously.

All models from HDG-25R and up are equipped with replaceable and reversible Hardox blades with sunken screws. Due to the fact that the blade screws are sunk, no material remains behind.

The cylinders move only minimally thanks to the cylinder arrangement and equaliser, causing almost no wear on the hoses inside- prolonging the lifespan and requiring minimal maintenance!

Additional custom options:

✔️ Load-holding valve.
✔️ Custom paint coat of your choice.
✔️ Made without perforations in shells.

The technical features of the HDG-Series are :

✔️ All hydraulic components are fully integrated, thus protected for damage.
✔️ Hydraulic cylinders with safety valve and end position damping.
✔️ Increased grip strength with only four bearing pins.
✔️ Pivots are sealed by Metall Seals®.
✔️ Hardened and chromed bearing pins.
✔️ Easily accessible lubrication points.
✔️ Easily and quickly replaceable blades.
✔️ Closed and dustproof reinforced swivel head.
✔️ 2 rotary engines with two-speed from HDG-88R and 4 gears from model HDG-820R. This makes a better distribution of forces to the drive unit, and a higher torque.
✔️ Equipped with grab shells, bent and pressed from Hardox® plates, with oval holes.

There are 27 models from 100 to 14200 kg for carriers from 0.7 to 240 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HDG-Series – Specifications (t.)

HDG-8R HDG-10R HDG-15R HDG-25R HDG-34R HDG-42R HDG-46R HDG-52R HDG-62R HDG-88R HDG-110R HDG-130R HDG-150R HDG-180R HDG-210R HDG-240R HDG-280R HDG-310R HDG-340R HDG-380R HDG-420R HDG-480R HDG-520R HDG-580R HDG-640R HDG-820R HDG-1400R
0.7-1.2 1 – 2 1.2-3 3-5 3.5-5.5 4-6 5-9 7-12 10-15 12-18 14-22 15-24 17-25 18-28 20-30 22-32 24-36 25-38 28-42 30-45 32-52 35-54 42-64 45-80 50-85 80-140 120-240

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