Compactors HC-Series

Compactors HC-Series


The Hydraram compactor is specially designed for compacting soil, roads, dams and dikes. Additionally, these vibrators are used for inserting sheet piles, wood piles and facings.

The compactors are made from the most durable steel such as HARDOX-400® with an extremely high wear resistance, minimum maintenance and a long lifespan.

More advantages of the HC-Series compactors:

✔️ A double eccentre guarantees exceptional strength and quiet operation of the compactor.
✔️ The over-sized bearings, which are oil bath lubricated, guarantee a long lifespan.
✔️ Special rubber pads reduce vibrations on people and equipment.
✔️ Robust frame suitable for the toughest environments.
✔️ A special pressure / flow valve ensures that the compactor can’t become overloaded.
✔️ Is convenient and easy to use and works quickly.
✔️ Suitable for large and small construction sites.

Can optionally be equipped with a hydraulic clamp for steel sheet piling.

These compactors are connected to the hydraulic hammer lines of the excavator.

There are 9 models available for excavators from 2 to 48 tons.

Learn more on the manufacturer’s website here.

HC-Series – Specifications (t.)

HC-180/2 HC-250/2 HC-420/2 HC-600/2 HC-900/2 HC-1200/2 HC-1500/2 HC-1800/2 HC-2200/2
2-3.5 3.5-7 6-10 8-16 15-28 20-35 22-38 25-40 28-48

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